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Advice About Study Programs

We advise students on the study programs and specialization they can study in university.

Advice About Universities

We offer students specific and relevant information about universities which helps them make an informed decision on their preferred university

Helps in Admission Process

We facilitate the students university admission process . We completely manage the application process and communication with the university from filling the application form to securing the admission offer.

International Students Orientation

We arrange meet and greet service for international students when they arrive to their detaination with free private limousine transportation from the airport to their university or private accommodation

Best Scholarships Available

We Identify the best scholarships available in universities and help you with the scholarship application, procedure and agreement with the university.

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100% Reliable

10 years experience helping in providing reliable advice for international university admissions.

No Commitment

No commitment required from the student. After your free consultation session you will decide if you want to use our free services.

100% Free

100% free of charge
service to students

100% Guarantee

Guaranteed admission


Complex and lengthy university application process fully managed by us.


Exclusive scholarships and tuition fees discounts with selected universities

Accurate Information

We partner with credible universities and we will provide you accurate information on universities recognition, tuition fees and scholarships in a transparent unbiased way.

Save Time

You will save a lot of time trying to gather information about universities and comparing them. We already did that and we will use our findings and expertise to advise you.

In Focus

Featured Study Programs,Destinations & Universities

Why Study Engineering?

Engineering is one of the most popular study programs in universities for many reasons. It is considered to be a prestigious degree and engineers are well respected in society. Engineering teaches you problem identification and solving complex obstacles. Engineers have good employability rates given the continuous need for development and innovation.

Why Study in North Cyprus?

Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea located near Turkey. It is beautifully characterized by its mountains, plains, and beaches making it an attractive tourist destination. With more than 15 renowned universities the island is a popular study destination for students seeking world class education in state-of-the-art facilities at affordable cost of an annual average tuition fees of $5,000 only. There are about 100,000 students from more than 100 different countries studying in North Cyprus universities.

Why Study Computer Science?

Studying Computer Science gives you many career options given the increasingly important role computers play in our lives today. Some of the jobs computer science graduates do include:
Network Engineer
Systems Developer
Computer Engineer
Cyber Security Analyst
Database Administrator
Systems Designer & Analyst
Web Designer/Developer
Games & Multimedia Developer

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